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Poetic Universe

September 9, 2009

Please make this page your homepage so that when you wake up each morning to check your email  you are greeted with an inspirational photo and quote that also lets you know what day it is.

If the quote matches the  picture let us know. Coments are valued and welcome. If you find a better quote or have a favourite that is begging to inspire , please also forward it.

The daily inspirational calendar is available as a hard copy book to be released  on December 1st 2010.

WE are visualising a  super glossy natural photodies environmentally friendly hard cover coffee table book.  Orders recieved  before June 1 2010 will recieve a fifty percent discount on the reatil price of 300 HKD. That is a bargain priced HK$150  , 15 euros, 30 aussie, 20 US. A Bargain price for 365 days a year of feeling good. NOTE that this is also a revolving calendar that can be used year after year after year.

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