April 7th

"Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy." - Frank Sinatra

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9 Responses to “April 7th”

  1. lisa Says:

    yeah, that’s funny
    but not really helpful

    • lisa Says:

      soryy frank, no offence meant. my grandmother said she was in the sanitarium with tuberculosis and they played frankie and she swooned. she still loved listening to his records right up till when she died.

  2. Poetic Universe Says:

    I stayed on an organic farm in japan and the bathroom was a little mouldy. Being Japan this was unusual and when we quizzed one of the workers , she said that the owners had decided to accept mould in their world and not make it their enemy- as they also accepted weeds in their garden allowing them space to be amidst heir food crops. Like the weeds mould didn’t over their lives. They managed it in their lives without being black and white in their judgement. I like Frank Sinatras quote because it is radical thinking – loving what is, whilst making fun of his own lust in a tongue in cheek way. I say come on Frankie light my fire!

  3. Marie Says:


  4. joy smith Says:

    That is all I can say about this one.:)

  5. Poetic Universe Says:

    Wow is a lot. Thanks Joy. I really appreciate comments from new people ( and of course old long time followers) , and am always glad when someone is brave to comment on a blog where there is already a familiarity amongst commentators. So please don’t be shy with your comments. Cheers

  6. Marie Says:

    I agree we need fresh blood…

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