April 18th

"Empathy with someone else's pain or lack and a desire to help need to be balanced with a deeper realization of the eternal nature of all life and the illusion of all pain. Then let your peace flow into whatever you do, and you will be working on the levels of effect and cause simultaneously." Eckhart Tolle

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6 Responses to “April 18th”

  1. jacqui Says:

    this is a good quote for those who could be almost crippled by over empathising, with others suffering however on the whole I have experienced that a little more empathy would not go astray.
    However in the face of others suffering, apart from offering direct help if it is possible or indirect then it is also important and almost a responsibility to enjoy and make the most of the opportunites you have.

    • Poetic Universe Says:

      Its an interesting quote. I think It is important to be aware of things in this world, and be connected in a meaningful way through compassionate action, but not be overwhelmed by the magnitude of things which no matter how large are only ever experienced on an individual level. I think a lot of worry and anguish are brought on by people feeling obliged to watch news stories of pain and injustice, and take in so much of it that they don’t have time to be anything but observers when the remedy to their sufferings would be to be connected to what is immediately around them.

  2. jacqui Says:

    oh and it also a sweet photo of those children pushing the prayer wheels , at the mani stone area just outside of Jykendo

  3. Marie Says:

    Hope these children are safe.

  4. Marie Says:

    I’ve looked at that site..what wonderful images you have captured…it’s so sad to think of the people being hurt so much and their beautiful buildings being destroyed….one day perhaps you will be able to take photographs of those buildings rebuilt and people with happy faces again.

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