May 3rd

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”~ Anna Quindlen.

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9 Responses to “May 3rd”

  1. Kristen Says:

    For something so simple as “being yourself” it is something that most people find so difficult to truly achieve. So many of us compare ourselves to someone else, some magazine cover, some actress, the girl who sits next to you in art class, the guy on the football field; yet, it is truly amazing when you open your ears and march to the beat of the drummer who plays inside of you and only you. Tis one of my favorite quotes. Glad you found it!

    • Poetic Universe Says:

      HI Kris. Thanks for commenting again. And such a thoughtful one too! I agree with you totlly, I also really like the part in the quote about not being perfect. Perfection is procrastination. People love haveing something to pick on and really we are giving them what they want when we are not being perfect. As much as people idolise perfection, the love even more toppling it. Owning your own Shadow, by Robert A. johnson is a really good book about exploring the side of yourself that most people deny exists – an an important part of knowing your self. Maybe I will skim it again today for some quotes.

  2. Josh Says:

    I visit this site often but I have never left a response. Time after time the quotes really speak to me and change my mindset to a positive one instead of my habitual negative one. Just wanted to say thanks

    • Poetic Universe Says:

      Thanks Josh and your welcome. Really appreciate your comments and am very happy that the quotes are haveing a positive impact. I am really intersted in the processes of habbit and addiction, and shaking these things up. I am also very interested in what we do after we have changed our thoughts – from seeing an inspiring picture, discovering a new positive perception, discarded a no longer necesary illusion – to really make these things have power i our lives. Like todays quote. It sounds so good, and most people will agree that this is the path we should take, but then what are some tecniques for making it your reality.

  3. Sunday Quotes Says:

    yeah it works 🙂

  4. Marie Says:

    It is impossible for humans to be perfect…you only find it in nature..a flower a bird a butterfly how can anyone of us compete with them…just be happy as far as you can with yourself.

    • Sunday Quotes Says:

      i think we are told from an early age that nobody is perfect, but we pursue it anyway because we seek that harmony and peace that comes with what we individually deem as perfection

  5. lisa Says:

    the borg openly seek perfection in star trek voyager, but in doing so they never become themselves.

  6. Poetic Universe Says:

    I love it!

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