May 6th

"Slender, so slender
Its stalk bends under dew
Little yellow flower" - Basho

10 Responses to “May 6th”

  1. Pat Says:

    Love the conflict of picture and quote – dramatic picture with the gentle quote.

  2. jacqui Says:

    pat is correct I just noticed the sky , very stormy in the Nujiang Valley

  3. Marie Says:

    Love the quote Basho is unique…the image is great as Pat and Jacqui said…the little delicate flowers the lovely solid little house and the dark dark sky, an impending storm to crush those little plants but the family in the house should be cosy…I’d like to see inside that house…did you?

  4. jacqui Says:

    hmm I think he did see inside… swilling down the local brew, Frank would have also enjoyed it ..even a song I think

  5. Susan Says:

    Isn’t the dark dark sky just the heavy afternoon shadow on the mountain side opposite and woodsmoke drifting across?

  6. Poetic Universe Says:

    Your right susan but I didn’t want to point that out and change the drama of Pat, Marie’s, and jacqui’s comment, ha ha . Welcome back from the Rock.- – though it was a morning shadow i I remmeber correctly.

  7. jacqui Says:

    whether it was painted in dark, or a was a shadow or a stormy sky, it still makes the photo look more dramatic….quite often though you can have sunshine from a certain direction and a dark sky above

  8. Marie Says:

    Wood smoke could kill those delicate little flowers…she said petulantly.

    and I thought dew formed in the morning..but don’t change the quote not a Basho quote never change a Basho quote.

  9. Susan Says:

    oops sorry

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