May 9th

Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice. ~ Henry Ford

6 Responses to “May 9th”

  1. helen boyd Says:

    i’m past chopping wood these days , but the quote brings forth memories of chilly clear NZ afternoons chopping wood , followed by cuppas around the fire

    • Poetic Universe Says:

      You would be a great wood chopper Helen. Its a little bit of a work harder quote this one and not really very inspiring seeing as Henry Ford introduced the factory line, and probably contributed to making peoples working lives mundane. This might have to go in an alternative calendar… the Puritans calendar. Quotes about work and cold showers …

  2. jacqui Says:

    “break a plate save a baby” ( betty blockbuster) …these guys are just working too hard..that must be really very heavy

  3. Marie Says:

    I hope they have a union…wishful thinking again.
    I can smell the sweat…

    • Poetic Universe Says:

      Being that the head monk of this monastery in Amnye Machen is probably overseeing the contruction, hopefully he is more compassionate than Henry Ford in dispensing rewards for labour. I am going to google Henry ford now to see what type of man he was before I cast nasturtiums – but what made me select this picture was that this man looks happy – had a smile on his face – doing an activity that many people would try and avoid. The man was definitely an inspiration.

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