May 12th

"Because you are alive, everything is possible." — Tich Nhat Hahn

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7 Responses to “May 12th”

  1. Pat Says:

    That is an amazing picture and I love the quote – something to remember when things are a little overwhelming

  2. Paula Says:

    What a good position to take this picture. I can imagine myself as if I where there and than. Thank you.

  3. Poetic Universe Says:

    Hi pat, hi Paula, thanks for your comments. I like this quote if you put the empahsis on the YOU.

  4. Poetic Universe Says:

    Just in case people don’t realise, if you click on a commentator’s name often it is linked to their websites or blog. Paula’s is, and it brings you to her website which is all about textiles and weaving – beautiful art pieces made on a very simple loom, with lots of texture. I am going to join one of her workshops in Byron Bay in January. Anyone else interested?

  5. Susan Says:

    Yes I am!

  6. Susan Says:

    I see what you mean about the YOU…

  7. Pat Says:

    I too see what you mean….that is so lovely

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