May 22nd

"It's not just philosophy, not just words; it's knowing how the mind functions; only then can you develop loving-kindness; only then can you become a spiritual person." Lama Thubten Yeshe

5 Responses to “May 22nd”

  1. jacqui Says:

    ‘until we can achieve ‘great compassion’ ( directed to all beings and an understanding of the make-up of that suffering), the compassion we have will just be a convenient thing to practise when we are in the right mood. ” ( Choedak Yuthok)

  2. jacqui Says:

    “Every morning when I comb my hair, I say to myself–with these locks I will inspire the world.” Malcolm Gladwell

  3. Poetic Universe Says:

    Great quotes Jacqui. I would like to use the Malcolm Gladwell one, whose book Outliers I just bought at the airport and read on the plane to japan. It is an amazing book and talks about the lucky breaks, and the huge network of support that is behind outstanding successes. The driver depicted in this picture agreed to drive us to Miyak Kongka, a one day drive, and eneded up staying with us for at least three days, not even phased that he hadn’t a chance to pack, a change of clothes, a comb…
    Spontaneity and acceptance of whatever will be. Maktub!

  4. Marie Says:

    “huge network of support behind outstanding successes”
    mmmm…yes? 🙂

  5. jacqui Says:

    that was one of my top adventures of all time…

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