May 29th

I build my house from barley rice
Green pepper walls
And water ice
Tables of paper-wood
Windows of light
And everything emptying Into white"
- Cat Stevens

6 Responses to “May 29th”

  1. Simon Ng Says:

    Hello Bruce. Nice work. Exactly, what are they building?

  2. Poetic Universe Says:

    HI Simon
    Thanks for the comment. The man has built a small shop out of stripey tarpaulin ( modern ricepaper) and is selling stones with carved buddhas on them for people to decorate the landscape with as they make pilgrimage kora’s around holy temples or mountains – this is in Tashi Lagang in south eastern Tibet – a temple complex which pins the pre buddhist ogresss of Tibet’s elbow to the earth.

  3. Paula Says:

    What about the” ninjutsu expert” at the back?

  4. Poetic Universe Says:

    Th Ninjutsu is in case someone runs away withlout paying for their buddha carving. he is in camo gear , see how his stripey jumper blends into the green pepper walls

  5. Paula Says:

    hum… – sneakingly, smart are this people.

  6. Danny Grkovic Says:

    Hi Bruce good photo u took of Tibet friend Building his own house Smart idea

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