June 8th

"As one lamp serves to dispel a thousand years of darkness, so one flash of wisdom destroys ten thousand years of ignorance." - Hui Neng

2 Responses to “June 8th”

  1. Paula Says:

    I think that this quote is great.
    ‘Were the candles made for a ceremony, to create a ripple of wisdom? ‘

  2. Marie Says:

    At first I thought ‘mushrooms on toast’ .

    The quote is so good what we need now is a flash of wisdom…who will give it to us…what should it be? The world that we hear about is in turmoil..no good news..perhaps we need our own flashes…like there is a beautiful bird outside my window feeding on the last of the Grevillea flowers…or the book I can’t wait to get back to…and the good people I meet and my friends.

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