June 9th

Athos: To die among friends. Can a man ask more? Can the world offer less? Who wants to live 'till the last bottle is empty? It's all-for one, d'Artagnan, and one for all. - The three Muskateers

6 Responses to “June 9th”

  1. Susan Says:

    I want to be a Muskateer 🙂

  2. Marie Says:

    You could be a Mouseketeer 🙂

  3. Susan Says:

    Oh my gosh how funny that you should say that Marie, I had another look at the photo today and look at the guy on the right – he has Mouseketeer ears!!!
    (albeit somewhat lopsided and not actually attached to his head but you get the picture…. or did everyone else get this already and I’m just particularly slow?!)
    Or is that why you put that particular quote Poetic? I thought it was cos there were three of them…

  4. Marie Says:

    I hadn’t noticed that ..;)

  5. Susan Says:

    Still waiting for an answer to this please PU xxx

  6. Poetic Universe Says:

    Glad you noticed the ears Susan. i picked the quote first because they like three mates who could probably cause a lot of chaos if they embarked on adventures together. i did see the ears and had a good chuckle too before I posted. they were the icing on a good quote.

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