July 23rd

To know your limits is a state of self-delusion. - Bill Purdin

5 Responses to “July 23rd”

  1. jacqui Says:

    thats a pretty good comment

  2. jacqui Says:

    and like th old monk has blended a trekkign boot with his outfit

  3. jacqui Says:

    a yea ron at the quote is still holding it’s own for me, and I can’t believe how observant i was about the trekking boots

  4. Poetic Universe Says:

    Actually , now that you mention it, the trekking boots make the picture. this monk has no limits. limits are an illusion. This actually has to be one of the best pairings. Tsampa for thought.

  5. jacqui Says:

    yes it is a very good pairing of the pair of boots with the padre and the quote

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