November 27th

"Who gave the leopard spots and taught the birds to sing?" - Tim Booth.


20 Responses to “November 27th”

  1. jacqui Says:

    the colours are nice in this again

  2. jacqui Says:

    and the different patterns not just the auspicious symbols on the doors but also the brick work on the edge of the path and the patchwork of road

    • joggle Says:

      Thanks jac. This is that little town just above where we camped by the river near the summer camping spot of that pretty girl who made us tea the next morning. her adress may give us the location for the tags.

  3. lisa Says:

    i agree. i also like it that pigs stroll.

  4. Jude Says:

    i like it that pigs stroll and the person in the background sees something more interesting down the way.

    • joggle Says:

      Hi Jude. Welcome to Poetic universe and thanks for the comment. I like the idea of untamed muso’s. Was researching jazz quotes this morning for a future post – ” Master your instrument, master the music, and then forget all that and just play.” – Charlie parker. And then suddenly I have an email from a member of the untamed musos. Glad you like pigs strolling too.

  5. Marie Says:

    as a deep thinker I have to say that pig has a pointy nose and no curly tail…
    but I do love the photograph, the old buildings in Tibet are very satisfying to the eye ..did the person who taught the birds to sing design them?

    • joggle Says:

      And the pig is playing that game, step on a crack, break your mothers back…. I see the quote as the universe realizing itself in a poetic and comedic way. i think that the who doesn’t matter, so much as being able to see the wonder , the hilarity, the mystery etc. …like insects …. the amazing forms and social organisations that they have evolved are remarkable when you take the time see them and bring them into your world.

  6. susan Says:

    I like how the concrete brick on the wall looks like a pig snout.

    • joggle Says:

      WOW. I hadn’t picked that up. That olds a whole new dimension. Actually , jacqui’s right. the textures and patterns are very nice in this picture. i was just focuses on pig out for a strolling , so all these elements are just added bonus’s to the photo. Is this a ‘How we want the world to be ” picture?

  7. susan Says:

    Also the answers to the quote are the Mama’s and the Papa’s

  8. susan Says:

    Their Mama’s and Papa’s

  9. jacqui Says:

    this is a very good post today i like the strolling quotes , the game the pig is playing stepping on the cracks, and all the pig and environment observations..that little pig has made a statement..unknowingly

  10. lisa Says:

    once i looked out the window and my grandmother was riding a pig up to the shop

  11. Susan Says:

    Is that true Lisa?

  12. Philippa Says:

    Yay, you used my favourite quote! And for such a great photo too- I love this photo, it’s very misleading in its simplicity, the more you look, the more you see- a fabulous moment captured 🙂

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