January 7th

“We can throw stones, complain about them, stumble on them, climb over them, or build with them”
- William Arthur Ward.

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4 Responses to “January 7th”

  1. Susan Says:

    i love this quote!
    The picture brings back wonderful memories. I carried a white stone around that kora and at the end it had turned rose coloured…
    Thanks again Jaqui for such an amazing journey.

  2. Juzzy Says:

    Wow. that’s so beautiful Sue. The quote is so amazing. it’s all choice, i am reminded. thanks Bruce xx

    • Bruce Says:

      It was a good find this quote. this monk was actually juggling stones, but he had also built the temple behind , and was building a new one, so the quote does fit pretty well.

  3. Marie Says:

    I thought he was feeling for rain.. you were lucky to be there to take such great photographs..although there must be a quote about everyone makes their own luck.
    The quote is a great find it shows everything has it’s use..everything.

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