January 11th

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dwyer

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8 Responses to “January 11th”

  1. Tommy Knudsen Says:

    Nice one dude, I like it, great concept

    • Bruce Says:

      Hi Tommy.
      Thanks for the comments and thanks for making it your homepage. This gives me a hit everytime you open up fire-fox and IE which makes me feel good when I look at my stats ( 76 hits so far today)

  2. Marie Says:

    A most satisfying image…. the quote rings true… I once looked at a book of images with a friend and I was amamazed how we both viewed and translated them so differently….what she saw was more complicated and deeper than how saw them..but she was like that and I think she saw into the artists mind.

    • Bruce Says:

      HI marie. me too . I am always surprised by the images that different people like – and how they affect them. this pictue by the way is my Alfred Hitchcock style cameo picture.

  3. Tommy Knudsen Says:

    Now at this point of the day, and being a Monday, the image is making me thirsty and reducing my ability to concentrate on work, my mind is flooding with images of a cold frothy beverage in my hand that is making a bee line for my mouth!!!!!

  4. jacqui Says:

    I guess it is meant to be an inspirational site….and there is no dictating as to what inspiration you might glean from it..Tommy

  5. jacqui Says:

    This was taken in a shop in the main street of Jykendo ( Jiegu) Yushu

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