January 14th

“It's the little things we do and say that mean so much as we go our way. One kindly deed can lift a load, from weary shoulders on the road.”
- Willa Hoey

13 Responses to “January 14th”

  1. jacqui Says:

    yeah so you two kids….. just reach up to one of those bales and pull out a few stalks and give those little donkeys a treat, as they are going along and gradually they will only be having a few stalks left to carry on their backs

  2. David Says:

    Thats so cute it makes me want to run out and lift loads off weary shoulders.

  3. Tommy Knudsen Says:

    I feel like doing a lot of good deeds today

  4. Tommy Knudsen Says:

    The road we choose to travel can often lead to heavy loads, however the memory of the loads carried, are quickly forgotten, when we reach our desired destination.


    • Bruce Says:

      In a cold Central Asian winter that heavy load might be a warm straw jacket keeping out the wind. It could also be the donkeys own food or future bedding. Carrying a heavy load is what the domestic donkey has been bred for, so the load has given it life. Love the load I say!

  5. Fika Says:

    love the quote,better start soon. Lucky it said a little thing….if you need me to carry your wallet Bru-ce hehehehe 😉

  6. Danny Says:

    The two kids are so cute. Lets play cricket. The Donkeys carrying heavy loads on there back, also drink more water for Donkeys.

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