January 17th

“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.” - Chaim Potok

7 Responses to “January 17th”

  1. jacqui Says:

    I like the thermos’s or is it thermai? and that you didn’t try to interfere with them and turn them the same way?…or did you interfere and turn them not identical direction? did they hold a fine brew of butter tea?

    thermai have a nice life nestling amongst the hay , which has been trudged to it’s destination by so willing donkeys, and stacked by the thermai owners who are toiling close by looking forward to their next chat and a cuppa…and yet being present in the moment of their toiling ( see I am taking it onboard Bruce…I mastered poetic verse through the Nansen quote)

    • Bruce Says:

      This photo was taken at Lao Tingri on the way to Everest base camp in about 2004. I don’t believe I touched the thermai ( i like the pluralised form) – not even to check whether it was a butter tea or just a plain black as is popular in this region. Thermoses always catch my eye. Fantastic technology which brings an easy tea party to difficult places. And imagine the fun of drinking tea whilst lounging around that hay stack. Love the way you connected Nansen to Chaim.

  2. Marie Says:

    Tea the most sociable of drinks..let’s have a cup of tea, beautiful words..I once had a friend who used to offer me a glass of sherry at 3,30 in the afternoon…I found that very unsociable and declined.

    • Bruce Says:

      A quick google on sherry quotes and this is the first one I found:
      “Sherry . . . a sickly compound, the use of which will transform a nation, however bold and warlike by nature, into a race of sketchers, scribblers and punsters, in fact into what Englishmen are at the present day.”
      George Borrow

  3. Poetic Universe Says:

    George Barrow won’t be making it in the final cut, is all I can say.

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