February 9th

"They have heard its voice and listened to it, and the river has become holy to them, as it has to me. "Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future." - Hermann Hesse (Siddhartha)

7 Responses to “February 9th”

  1. jacqui Says:

    Herman Hesse’s Siddartha is one of my favorite books I especially like this part where Siddartha is passing away and Govinda bends to kiss his friend and in his face ‘he sees other faces, many faces, a long series , continuous stream of faces…hundreds, thousands, which all came and disappeared and yet all seemed to be there at the same time, which all continually changed and renewed themselves and yet which were all Sidddartha”
    …..and in his friend Siddartha’s smile he was reminded ‘ of everything that he had ever loved in his life, of everything that had ever been of value in his life”

  2. Marie Says:

    Wonderful photograph and quote..

    Good memories are to be valued in life…I remember not a river but a clear stream running through woods at the back of my home where as children we would spend hours wading on it’s pebbles and watching/catching the small fish darting upstream that was our river.

    • Bruce Says:

      i remember a frog pond across the road that we used to stop at on the way home from school. It was a good memory too. And only a memory now, as its dried up and moved somewhere else. Ganden maybe? In someones cup of tea.

  3. Tommy Says:

    A wise man once said “all one needs to know to be a plumber” is that ” water always runs down hill” now I think the man that can prove otherwise is truely a genious. love the pic dude

    • Bruce Says:

      Thanks dude. What if the mountain was made of newspapers that were sitting in the middle of a big puddle of water. I think a little cit of it would be travelling up that hill.

  4. Susan Says:

    mmm clever Bruce -yes – osmosis- can that man be a woman who is a genius Tommy : ) ?
    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photo Bruce.

  5. Tommy Says:

    Yes Susan she can, osmosis and capilery attraction however are not running water Bruce, if you could find a way to lift that water and re release it from a higher point using that method and let it run down again you are a true genius, and you have discovered perpetual motion, Albert would be proud

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