February 16th

"Sail me on a silver sun. Where I know that I'm free. Show me that I'm everywhere. And get me home for tea"
- Beatles

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8 Responses to “February 16th”

  1. Marie Says:

    Wonderful photograph..dear child…and the Beatles quote so Beately
    but a bit Christopher Robin.

    • Bruce Says:

      Dear Child. Yes! his was in Mongolia . She crossed the river with her horse bearing gifts of yoghurt, and wanted to ride on our bicycles in exchange for a go on her horse . She was very impreessed with the peanut butter sandwiches we were eating for breakfast, and also the cup of of liptons yellow lable we brewed up on our little stove.

  2. Marie Says:

    or maybe Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Marie Says:

    or is that Beatlesque

  4. Tommy Says:

    it should end with “when all else fails, crack a cold VB” seriously; say the whole thing with the added verse, rolls off the tounge like silk

  5. Bruce Says:

    I have alreadycracked a Cooopers Sparkiling Ale and that just doesnt rhyme at all whilst VB does and is a perfect addition to George Harrison’s verse even though VB is an inferior beer which i am sure you are promoting because you have shares in the company … or at the very least should have. Vb is apparanetly the beer of chice of Tibetans living in Sydney. Hello VB. Now is the time for you to step in and sponsor this website.

  6. jacqui Says:

    ‘every picture has a story’ see that is a very nice story about the little girl who crossed the river with her yoghurt and pony…for a glimpse into a ‘modern’ ..”dangrap” world of teabags and bicycles….

    the same with the story behind the people looking into those empty cages at norbulingka (11th)..and the proud man infront of his yak dung wall with the auspicious symbols encrusted in stones on it…

    … or even the micro bat torturers maongst the pile of mani stones etc etc

    alot of good stories behind these photos

    • Bruce Says:

      True. And this was the first time in Mongolia that we learned to camp out nearby a yurt settlement, cause you can also get less friendly visitors late at night.

      The yak dung wall! I should reference the photo-post here:……….Yesterday as we dropped into vist a Tibetan Family in DY to say happy Losar i saw a video of an uber glam Tibetan woman singing Tibeto-Pop and the back drop was a yak dung wall. It was fantastic. Yak shit is not just shit! It is life, warmth, wealth..

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