February 23rd …(coming soon 10 poetic universe posters… vote now for the one you would like to see on your wall)

"You needn't be saddled with doing the same thing the rest of your life. Let the past and its habits be done with."-unknown

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10 Responses to “February 23rd …(coming soon 10 poetic universe posters… vote now for the one you would like to see on your wall)”

  1. jacqui Says:

    monastery at the top of Minyak Konka, those nice stocky little horses, I like the blueness in the background and the tall pinkish coloured prayer flags and the whiteness of the little chorten….gee we have been to some amazing places

  2. Tommy Says:

    I love that one, it means a lot to leave the past behind

  3. jacqui Says:

    i would like it with the scenery and the horses but without the people in that one but then maybe the quote would not work without the people

  4. Marie Says:

    This reminds me of the Narnia Chronicles I expect Jafis the White Witch to appear on her sleigh and those horses to grow horns in the middle of their foreheads.

  5. Marie Says:

    Do you mean we pick ten from the photographs already on here..
    the other day we went through them all again and were amazed how many we had forgotten and how beautiful they were the second time around, but there are still favoutites.

    • Bruce Says:

      Is that because the monk on the left looks like a faun. Feb 24 should fit in with this wintry trek accross Narnia theme.

    • Bruce Says:

      You don’t have to necessarily pick ten, just let me know your favourites and which ones you think would work well as a poster. i would like to offer a few of them as posters for sale through a printer I have found in Hong Kong, asa a link to the website. Glad they work a second time around.

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